Anonymous sent: sure do have a funny way of treating your fangirls.

I wasn’t aware I had a lot of those. I’m not exactly a people person anyway…

Anonymous sent: Poor you, ZWEI. Why must all the bad things happen to you? I would hug you right now, but I completely understand that you want space. ;_;

…Yeeeah, think it’s best you do just that: keep your distance.

celiasly sent: ah. i'd say the same, but the overall climate can't make up its mind here.

Well it needs to get warm fast. This cold is annoying.

Anonymous sent: Oh, ZWEI~ My husband~!

…When did I get married?! I couldn’tve been that wasted…

celiasly sent: true true. and how are you doing?

I could be better; it’s pretty cold where I am.

celiasly sent: technically, yeah. do you ever think about how ironic it is for a holy warrior to swear the most across the entire Eurasia?

I’ve known for a while he’s anything but a Holy Warrior. He’s a little shit most of the time, but he means well.

celiasly sent: sobs uncontrollably


Great, did Holy Warrior do something to you?


  1. when I get free time, I’m alone, and I have the urge to. Which is often.
  2. Missionary. In before any doggy-style jokes because of the wolf thing.
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Anonymous sent: Well, I bugged Patroklos a bit. XD

>_> but people always bug O Holy Warrior.